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Founded in 1989 as a family business; we started our palm oil plantation and manufactured a variety of laundry and body soaps (including shwe wah, carbolic and other body soap under the permission of the Ministry of Industry), produced cooking oil (palm, peanut, sesame oil) and traded various agricultural commodities and raw materials.

Green Myanmar Dragon Company values integrity, reliability and our reputation.  Our company objectives are to stay sustainable, to continuously improve, and remain profitable. With these objectives in mind in 2006, we restructured our family business for the rapidly evolving economy and Green Myanmar Dragon Company was cooperated in 2006. 
Green Myanmar Dragon become an authorized agent for CHUGOKU MARINE AND HEAVY DUTY PAINT to promote, sell, submit the offers, negotiate and after sales service on behalf of them in Myanmar since FEBRUARY 2015.  Our Company also become a sole agent for Hyundai Welding Consumables and Machines in MARCH 2015.

To prepare for future endeavors Green Myanmar Dragon has efficiently divided our business sectors  as follow:
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